Recycling the Golden Age

When I think vintage I usually have so many people and things running through my head that it feels like I can’t spit them out fast enough. Just for a few starters Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, Gene Kelly, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Gregory Peck. For goodness sakes this was practically the beginning of the likes of amazing designers like CoCo Chanel and Dior. There’s something so remarkable to me about a different time in the world, a simpler time. Back when people thought that just the right amount of leg was too much and the most controversial thing was whether or not to legalize alcohol. As much as I’d love to go on all day about the beauty of this time I’d like to highlight some of my favorite pieces.


Beautiful is the only word that could do these pieces justice but to me that doesn’t even feel like enough. My favorite dress of the four would have to be the nude flapperesque fringed out mini. It’s different and daring for its time (notice the length of the other three) and it’s totally unique. Not only would I wear this little number out on the town with my girlfriends but I would also like to make a remark on how interesting it is to see just how modernized the dress really is, a lovely timeless piece. Although the third dress is not my favorite there is something about it that captures my attention and desire. The cut is perfection but the print is so reminiscent of the time that this dress came from that it makes it all the more perfect. Not to mention Blair Waldorf would have totally rocked something like this!


In the second bunch I found it almost completely  impossible to pick a favorite. So I decided not to.

First and foremost is an evening gown by the name of Fireworks, created by none other than (drumroll please…)  CoCo Chanel! In all of her flawlessness she created one of the most alluring dresses I have ever seen. Made of black silk net and polychrome sequins this is a dress that takes your breath away, as well as everyone else in the room. Mint is one of my absolute favorite colors so I was automatically obsessed with dress number two. It has graced the world with it’s beauty all thanks to Versace and that in itself rendered the dress it’s own name, Art Deco… Perfect if you ask me! Now dress number three is something in a whole different category. I look at it and I think of summer days and golden dandelions but I also think of late nights dancing and sipping champagne. So for me the way this stunning gown is able to play the fence between sexy and warm all at the same time is amazing and frankly quite admirable. The way the silk lays in all the right places, the modest neckline and the unforgettable color make this a dress for the ages. Not to mention it’s not even couture. Finally last but especially not least we have one of the most traditional yet interesting pieces I have ever seen. It gives me major Audrey Hepburn vibes and that is nothing but a good thing. The tiny waist and ballerina like bottom of the dress are overtly complimented by the genius color choice of white. Brava! to you mystery designer.




This Summer Has Epicness Awaiting!

hello beautiful people ☺

I’m soo excited for this summer. I started an internship on Wednesday at this great little boutique in downtown Harrisonburg, Va called Mint.
Mint is a small operation but I’ve found that smaller boutiques sometimes offer more. Not only do you get to shop surrounded by art as well as fashion you also receive a more personal shopping experience. Personal in the aspect of styling as well, any employees are there not only to help you pick the best items for yourself but even to assist you on how to wear them. Anna Pelletier is my boss as well as the owner of Mint and selects all the pieces she sells in the boutique herself! She possesses a very different, expressive and all around ahhmazing sense of style that really seems to show through the pieces she buys for the boutique. Its easy for people to forget about the other areas of Harrisonburg with James Madison University so close by but Mint is truly a breath of fresh air downtown! Im so very thrilled & grateful for the opportunity to learn about my dream job from a woman like Anna who has truly mastered her craft! Ive attached a few of the items we have in store now to give everyone an idea of what a charming and promising operation I’m interning at this summer.

Come fall in love with Mint at 128 West Market St. Harrisonburg, Va 22801 and make sure to LIKE us on Facebook Muaaahh 😘








Mint and Red Jeans: A Spring Fashion Must

It’s been awhile since my last post and since the wonderful weather of spring has vastly approached!

So ladies and gents I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss a current spring trend that’s sweeping the nation, colored pants. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of the current pastel frenzy but if you’re planning on taking part make sure you know how to rock your colorful piece with a vengeance.

I’m going to focus on red & mint jeans because these seem to be the most popular colors. First off in my personal opinion it is never appropriate to wear like colors on top & bottom. I don’t want to see you walking down the street looking like you just stole Britney Spears’s legendary red jumpsuit out of the oh so unforgettable Oops I Did It Again video. If you insist on taking part in this trend I want to see these sexy red jeans being worn with chambray shirts, nude, cheetah, leopard, python, blush and black tops. Wear only tops and colors that will accentuate the red of the jeans, not overpower.

Now onto mint. This has to be one of my favorite spring trends. I purchased a pair for $30 at a local boutique, and have worn them twice  already. Once paired below with a black top and black sequin booties and the second with a cheetah print blouse. The best ways to wear mint jeans are with chambray, ivory, nude, blush, cheetah, and striped tops.

Shoes can be simple in this jean department whether you’re a comfort kind of girl and go with a simple pair of flats or you’re more on the daring side select a pair of badass pumps make sure that you feel that your selection compliments you’re excellent ensemble.

No thanks necessary, you’re all welcome 🙂

bring on the warmth and the florals.


Found this look on the photography website We heart it, I absolutely lala love the contrast between the floral pattern on the left side of the shorts and the basic denim on the right.
The studs give a more edgy feel to the shorts while the floral keeps it girly ! PERFECTION.


Floral heels, i’d seen this awhile ago and was partial to the look but for some reason every pair of floral patterned pumps I’d found were a little on the trashy side. These are perfect, from the style to the heel height!

Can i just say how incredibly excited I am for the return of florals for Spring 2013?
Soooo incredibly excited. It just doesn’t feel right attempting to rock floral patterns in the winter time!

Fashion is…

Hips and hoorays for my first post guys!

I wanted to start of just discussing fashion itself and describing exactly what it is to me because I believe it’s important to know what you do inside and out. What is the point in mastering a field of study if you don’t share an intense passion for what you’re doing? None, without passion there really is no point in working so hard for something.

Fashion is beautiful, and one of the best things about it is the fact that it’s universal. It brings together people from all over the world, people who all have a passion for the same thing. If it’s not a passion that’s shared it’s at least an appreciation. Anyone who knows the amount of hard work and persistence it takes to completely dedicate yourself to your art (pardon the dramatics) can appreciate the work of designers like Dior, CoCo Chanel, and the many others who are able to keep up with the ever evolving fashion industry. One of the most important things about fashion is the ability to show people who you are without saying a word. Sometimes a person’s ensemble and accessories can tell you more on a first meeting than they can.

When you see something you like, like really really like it’s almost like it speaks to you… that’s beautiful to me. To often we take things for advantage, so when we can stop and look at something beautiful and really take it in and appreciate it we know it’s special.

I prefer to express myself and center my style around my accessories, earrings and purses are my favorites. Usually that can be seen from my outfit selections.
Forewarning to everyone, I won’t always cover all the latest trends because my goal is not to conform or pretend to like everything. My goal is to provide insight and advice and to evolve as a designer and blogger. Looking forward to this grand adventure everyone!